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Are carbs really bad?

I’m sure you’ve heard one time or another in your life that carbs are evil.  Well, let me ask you, “Do you believe that?”  I’m still amazed at all the people I come into contact with that still practice low-carb eating.  While the Atkins Diet isn’t the only low-carb diet out there, it...

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Beta-testing with fitness professionals is underway

Posted by | Posted in Daily | Posted on 10-10-2009

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Attention Fitness Professionals!!!!  FREE, FREE, FREE!!! Beta-Test Our System For FREE!

Are you a fitness professional or do you know a fitness professional?  If so, WE’RE OFFERING A FREE BETA-TESTING OPPORTUNITY FOR ANY FITNESS PROFESSIONAL WHO WANTS TO TRY OUR SYSTEM. 

Find out more information today!

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